WELCOME TO mattseymour.COM


In 2017, after years of talking about starting a T-shirt business, we finally took the leap and launched www.goldenoso.com (now, mattseymour.Com).

Since our conception we have made a commitment to create fun and playful designs. A shirt for everyone.

Our number one commitment is to make shirts that we would wear, using the quality of fabrics that we would spend our hard earned money on.

Our second, but MOST IMPORTANT goal was and continues to be, to give back.

In 2017 we donated, to "The Born This Way Foundation" and "The Transgender Law Center" until the tragic events that happened to Puerto Rico

Until July of 2019, 100% of the profits from our "Puerto Rico Hearts Collection" were donated to Unidos.

Due to possible misuse of Unidos funds, we have decided to SUPPORT LOCAL CHARITIES, by donating to two Atlanta based charities. "Lost N Found Youth" and "The Rainbow Coalition"

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