Matt Seymour

So last week I was lucky enough to find a weekend (21st-22nd March 2015) where I could afford the time to go up to London and participate in Django Sprint London. It was a one and a half day event focused on meeting fellow Django community members as well as being able to contribute further to the Django community. The event took place in the well equipped offices of Potato.

The event was split into two parts. Day one (evening meetup) was a chance for community members to meet, chat, and learn from some talks; as well as have a few beverages. Talks were given by:

Luke Benstead on Djangae Google Slide

Baptiste Mispelon on Contributing to Django in a Nutshell

Marc Tamlyn on Whats new in Django 1.8

Day 2: Let the sprints begin

Sunday morning was when the sprinting started. Arriving at the offices of Potato in London at 9am I was greeted with the smell of coffee and pastries. Upon setting up it was time to get down to business. To start the day off I picked a couple of easy picking tickets from Djangos current list of issues (Django uses trac for issue monitoring). Upon completing these tickets I then moved my attention to some more challenging tickets before lunch.

The afternoon was spent looking into support issues for the website. Whilst contributing to the django framework is something I had done multiple times in the past, actually contributing to the project website was something I had previously overlooked. I would recommend others contributing to this project as it is something which can be overlooked by the community.

The end of the day for me was at 4:30, overall the day was a great learning and sharing experience. It was great to be able to put names to faces and meet new Django-ers from across Europe.